Heebal Kim
  (E-mail: heebal ''at'' snu ''dot''ac ''dot'' kr)

Heebal Kim obtained his Ph.D in Animal Genomics from the University of Delaware (2003) and his M.Sc in Computer and Information Science as a dual major from the University of Delaware (2003). He received his M.Sc (1997) and B.Sc (1991) in Animal Science from the Seoul National University in Korea. He did his postdoctoral training with Jurg Ott (Statistical Genetics) at the Rockefeller University (2004). He is a professor in the Department of Food and Animal Biotechnology at the Seoul National University. His primary research interests include computational molecular evolution, genome-wide association study in complex trait and genome-wide expression profiling. He is especially interested in developing method for genomic selection and identifying genomic signature of domestication in animals.

Current Editorial Appointments (2013)

BMC Genomics: Associate Editor
Journal of Integrative Omics: Associate Editor
Animal Cells and Systems: Editorial Board Member
Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences: Editorial Board Member